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EmployBridge Puts Contact Center AI to Work

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When temporary jobs need doing in the logistics, manufacturing, and light industry, staffing organization EmployBridge often carries the onus of finding the best candidates for the open positions. These days, it does so across its eight staffing brands with the help of a conversational AI platform from
Bringing AI into its 300-person call center has been transformational for EmployBridge — so much so that the company has been able to increase the number of candidates it places weekly by 1,800, shared Dale Sturgill, VP of call center operations at EmployBridge, in a recent conversation with No Jitter. That’s a win-win-win — for EmployBridge, for its clients, and for the workers who are able to land jobs and support their families, he said.
Before implementing, EmployBridge only performed standard reporting on the 30,000 to 40,000 calls that came into the contact center weekly. A team of 14 people reviewed a sampling of calls in a process that took significantly longer to complete than is now possible by applying conversational AI to call transcripts, Sturgill said. With the AI technology, EmployBridge is now able to analyze 100% of the four million voice conversations that its coordinators (phone agents) have with applicants annually and use the insights gleaned to enhance agent performance.
As described in an case study, EmployBridge turned to with three primary goals in mind around agent performance: improve quality assurance (QA), develop better coaching programs, and provide training in a more efficient way. “ give us an opportunity to see where we can reduce handle time, create efficiencies, and add things to our processes may not exist,” said Sturgill, noting that the“100% connection between the transcription and recorded call is phenomenal.”
With, the QA process, as well as the way the QA and leadership team connect with agents, has “changed drastically” — becoming far less subjective, as noted in the case study. In addition, EmployBridge is now able to “do more [tailored and relevant] coaching.”
For example, he said, if an agent is struggling in a particular area, managers can now “build a moment for them, and coach them based on those things that they need to improve upon. It’s far more individualized and direct to that particular coordinator so that we can train and coach them more specifically” — no more “rolling the dice.”