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BYOD Has Become the Norm

Self-proclaimed experts of telecom-web convergence, tyntec, today published results from its recent international survey on BYOD use. The results, compiled from 1,320 employees from organizations with more than 500 people employed, shed light on BYOD from an employee perspective, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Worth noting is that 61% of U.S. respondents indicated using their personal devices for work purposes, which compares to 69% of Spanish employees and 43% of U.K. employees. Subsequently, the U.K. has the smallest percentage of employees with BYOD policies (18%), but Spain and the U.S. are not much better off, at 25% and 34% respectively. With the U.S. in the lead on BYOD policies even at this small percentage, it makes you wonder what changes might be in store moving forward as BYOD environments become more regulated to deal with concerns over security or even employer reimbursement.

Perhaps the most interesting findings, to me, are those around employee preferences on phone numbers and devices. In the U.S., 37% expressed wanting separate devices for work and personal purposes, while another 37% indicated a preference for one phone with two distinct numbers.

Take a look at the infographic for additional tyntec survey data on how employees look at BYOD today.

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