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On the Bleeding Edge or Lagging Behind? Tell Us Where Your Enterprise Fits In

Technology is a fickle friend, at once a steadfast companion and a worst enemy.

Surely you know what I'm talking about -- the email service that becomes a black hole of missives sent and (supposedly) received, the IVR system that sends your customers into an endless loop, the click-to-call button that delivers no dial tone, the video conference that's disrupted by latency and jitter. We are both masters of and slaves to technology, to use another metaphor.

Technology can be a dreadful tease, too. And isn't this the worst? You can see it there, off in the distance, that glimmering light at the end of the tunnel -- the team collaboration application that's going to send employee productivity skyrocketing, the cloud contact center that's going to enable your company to deliver unparalleled customer service, the video technology that makes launching a video conference as simple as stepping into a room. Heck, in some cases, this could even be the IP telephony system that's going to bring your company into the digital era.

If your enterprise is on the bleeding edge with its approach to communications and collaboration technology, then perhaps you can't relate. But who among you would characterize your organizations as such? Not many, if we can extrapolate from early results from the enterprise communications and collaboration technology survey No Jitter Research is currently fielding -- and less than half as many of those who consider their organizations at the opposite end of the spectrum, lagging behind their peers.

In the survey, we are looking to gain vertical industry perspective on how enterprises approach communications technology and which particular types of core communications, contact center, video, and emerging technologies are in use today or are expected to be in use within the next two years, or later. Among other things, we want to know: Are financial firms glomming on to communications APIs, or staying away from them for now? Where does video fit into health care organizations' internal communications and collaboration strategies? Is artificial intelligence bubbling up among companies, and in which industries?

We want to get a bead on macro trends, too. Again, turning to early results, we can see that most companies across all industries are open to the idea of cloud communications, with only 15% of respondents saying their organizations would not consider moving any communications functions to the cloud. We can also see positive attitudes toward integrating communications functions into business applications specific to vertical industries, with only nine percent of respondents reporting that they won't be doing so.

Needing to integrate disparate systems remains a top challenge no matter the vertical, as does staffing and budget. But from early responses we also know that making the business case is equally as challenging an issue for health care companies, while gaining executive level buy-in is of considerable concern among government respondents. Good news overall, though, in the spending forecast, with 41% of respondents thus far saying they expect their budgets to increase in 2018.

Won't you add your voice to our research? If you're an enterprise IT professional, we encourage you to lend us your perspective and help us assess the state of enterprise communications and collaboration across different verticals. We'll be sharing insight from the full results over time, so you'll be able to see how your organization compares to others in your industry, too. You can find the survey here; complete it by June 28 for a chance to win one of three $100 Amazon Gift Cards, selected in a random drawing.

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