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The Big Picture on Gartner & Microsoft

I know we've seen a lot of Gartner-bashing in this neck of the woods, but I can't find a lot to argue with when I look at their assessment. The companies that Gartner says combine both vision and execution are the ones who, in fact, currently lead the market--your Avayas, Ciscos, Nortels, etc. Individual vendors may quibble over being placed lower than this guy or to the left of that one, and they may have a point, but it's hard to argue with the overall shape.

And if you look at where Gartner places Microsoft, in terms of "Ability to Execute," they're just about at the bottom among vendors within the chart. That would jibe with the idea that their feature/function still leaves a lot to be desired in a pure Corporate Telephony (aka PBX) context.

And Microsoft definitely deserves to be on the chart. Who isn't incorporating OCS into their thinking about the future of their enterprise communications? Only the willfully blind. Everybody else knows it's going to be a factor--maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, as Rick Blaine said, but soon and for the rest of your life.