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What to Know About Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM)


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Managing telecom expenses is an important aspect of maintaining cost efficiency at a company. By improving your current processes for tracking telecom expenses – and examining whether those expenses are really necessary – you’re creating the opportunity to reduce expenditures without compromising any part of an enterprise communications system. Below, we’ve rounded up the how-tos on mastering your telecom expenses and billing.


Poor Telecommunications Management Can Cost You

There are certain milestones when not having a good handle on spending and inventory can result in the greatest financial risk.


Telecom Expenses Ballooning? Get Your Pin Ready

What IT managers need to know about keeping telecom expenses under control.


Stop Overspending on Telecom Services

With new technology available in SD-WAN, XCaaS, and AI, there are new ways to save on telecom expenses.


What Telecom Expense Management Can Do for Your Enterprise

Managing telecom expenses can be frustrating, but telecom expense management (TEM) can help. Learn about the TEM onboarding process and what TEM's can and can't do.


8 Metrics for Telecom Expense Management

Metrics can show how well cost reduction is met, where time and labor costs can be minimized, and how well the device and facility inventories are controlled. Metrics can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the TEM vendor.


Ten Questions to Ask Your Provider About Your Communications Technology Bills

Here are ten questions you should ask regarding bills for traditional telecom services, mobile services, video conferencing, and other cloud services to see if you can get lower charges without effecting service quality.


Keep Track of Comms Technology and Related Service Expenses

Managing expenses for communications technology comes with its challenges. Staying on top of them with these nine best practices will increase your likelihood of success.