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What to Know About Network Planning and Management

Good network planning, management and monitoring is the cornerstone upon which reliable and resilient communications technology maintenance is built. The evolution and integration of diverse communication technologies, ranging from traditional wired networks to complex wireless infrastructures, have underscored the criticality of effective network management as a core component of reliable and scalable communication infrastructures.

The following articles are a sampling of our experts’ best practices and recommendations.


How to Design a Network for Changing Communications Demands

The changing landscape of enterprise communications demands new designs. These steps will help you to get there.


Drinking from the Fire Hose: Handling Network Event Volume

IT and networking professionals might find use in tools like event summary reports, machine learning, and event management products to stay on top of networking event volume.


How to Handle Network Performance Data

Monitoring network data can make the difference between proactively addressing nascent network problems or reacting to problems after they’ve taken off.


Embracing The Culture Change of Network Automation

Adopting network automation requires the network design and operations teams to undergo a significant cultural shift. What must change and why?


Enhancing Network Security with Automation

Don’t rely on human intervention alone – use automation to know what’s on the network, check for vulnerabilities, audit device configurations, and test your networks.


Beware the Network Security Breaches Caused by Carelessness

Overexposure, over permission and overdistribution all present threats to an enterprise's security – but there are ways to offset all three of these security issues.


Improving Network Security Through Segmentation

While segmenting a network may seem to increase network complexity due to the additional filtering points, good implementation will improve and simplify security.


6 Tips for Firewall Upgrades

To improve overall network security, IT professionals should routinely review and improve their enterprise's firewall design and implementation.


Security Tips Specific to Wi-Fi

The convenience of Wi-Fi is wonderful – but that also makes it easy for bad actors to access your network. Here’s how to secure that Wi-Fi network.


The Cost of Network Management

Network management tools seem to cost a lot for what they provide. Let’s look at what you need and how much it should cost.


Why You Should Adopt a Network Source of Truth

The objective is to better control network configurations and validate that the network is configured and performing as desired, with the end result of improved support for the communication applications.


Your WAN: The Overlooked and Vital Link to the Cloud

The WAN is the most important link in this whole chain of dependency on the cloud, as the WAN is the weakest link. Therefore, 'X' As A Service is only as good as the ability to get to X.