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Avaya Encouraging Partners to Use Innovation to Open New Doors

In Las Vegas this week, Avaya is holding its US and Government Sales Leadership and Partner Conference. One of the themes of the conference, stressed most emphatically by Joel Hackney (SVP, Global Sales & Marketing) was that innovation can be a powerful tool in the sales process. It can be used to get a partner or sales team to a higher level with the IT department, or to position Avaya solutions outside of IT.

Examples of the types of innovation that Avaya has created included web.alive, Flare and something introduced today, One Touch Video. Primarily a services offering today, it allows someone to embed a link in an email or other type of communication (e.g., a contact center chat with a consumer) that directly opens a video communication.

Wanting to know more, I headed to the Acceleration Lounge (aka exhibit hall for Avaya and partners). There Val Matula of the Emerging Technology team and Lawrence Byrd explained how the magic happens. The picture below shows a white board with the solution components, including Avaya Aura Session Manager, a One Touch Gateway (a server where an application lives), and a variety of video devices the solution works with, including the Flare Experience and Avaya One-X Agent. The elements on the left of the diagram, with SIP and a Session Border Controller, are required in order to communicate beyond the enterprise. Only the One Touch Gateway is required for use within a single enterprise.

In the video below, Lawrence Byrd offers additional insights on how the solution works, and on its availability.