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William King, Subspace

William King is CTO and Co-Founder at Subspace, the world’s fastest network for real-time communication apps. King is known for his ability to navigate and create complex and world-changing technical systems and is motivated to dive in as deep as needed to productionize solutions to some of the hardest problems. Before Subspace, King served as CTO at Flowroute, where he led the development of the company’s core technology and grew the company’s technical blueprint and growth up through an acquisition by West Corporation. Prior to Flowroute, King ran his own consulting company Quentus Technologies, INC (a 2009 rebrand of his 2005 company PC Pharmacy LLC), serving local businesses as well as helping to scale distributed computing systems for global companies including Monsanto. At Quentus, King also worked contracted with FreeSWITCH Solutions to support new products and redesigns for international customers, call centers, and tech companies such as Barracuda Networks, Portugal Telecom, and Silent Circle.
William is a recognized real-time communications expert and was a core developer of the FreeSWITCH project. He is known for his participation and leadership in multiple hackathons and events designed to inspire and bring recognition to the next generation of developers and technologists. He can occasionally be found relaxing into strategy games such as Factorio and Oxygen Not Included, solving complex puzzles and logic games, and thinking out loud on LinkedIn and Twitter where he goes by @quentusrex.