Jeremy Duke

Using over 20 years of experience in communications technology as his foundation, Jeremy Duke established Synergy Research Group in 1999, and today serves as chief analyst. His expertise and experience in the telecom field has helped him create and expand a company that is respected worldwide for its market shares, forecasts, and analysis.

Jeremy brings a demonstrated talent for building an astute team of analysts that have global reputations for delivering accurate and timely market information, leveraging advanced technology, and staying focused on client care and customer service. Prior to founding Synergy, Jeremy held senior analytical positions at Reed-Elsevier/In-Stat, Dataquest, and Northern Telecom.

Jeremy provides analysis and commentaries to major news groups. He has been published in Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Wired, MSNBC, CNN Money, Forbes, Fortune, NY Times, SF Chronicle, and many others.

Jeremy received his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, San Jose.