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David A. Walsh

David A. Walsh is the Founder of the Kandy Communications Cloud Solutions for Ribbon Communications.
Previously, David was President and CEO of GENBAND prior to its merger with Sonus. He joined the GENBAND Board upon the merger of NextPoint (an OEP portfolio company) with GENBAND in 2008. He assumed the position of GENBAND Chairman in 2010 following the acquisition of the Nortel Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions business. Prior to that he was a Managing Director of One Equity Partners (OEP). David has served on the Board of Directors of Aligned Energy LLC, and as Chairman of Netas Telekomunikasyon A.S., Turkey's leading IT services business. David was appointed the Chairman of PledgeMusic in June 2017, which is a unique marketplace where fans and artists connect.

David has also served on the Board of Directors of Telwares Inc. and SAVVIS. He was Chairman of WestCom Corporation and Telerate, Inc. (formerly Moneyline Telerate, Inc.). David was also a member of the Board of Directors of IPC. In addition, he founded IXnet, Inc. in 1993 and served as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman until its sale to Global Crossing Ltd. in 1998, at which time he became President and Chief Operating Officer. He founded Voyager Networks in 1993 and sold it to Global Center in 1998, which subsequently merged with Frontier Communications.

David received a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Valdosta State College and master's in Telecommunications from New York University.