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Bryant Harland

Bryant Harland has been writing within the technology sector for more than five years, starting with branded white papers and case studies for several leaders in the cloud storage and IT security industries. In addition to being hosted on clients' websites, his material has been presented at trade conferences such as the 2013 BIO-IT conference.

In early 2014, he switched gears and became a Technology and Media Analyst for market research firm Mintel, where he publishes market reports on a broad range of subjects, including social media, gaming, mobile hardware and mobile services. In addition to publishing reports, he is responsible for designing research surveys, fielding press and client inquiries and hosting internal webinars to share knowledge among other analysts. His insight has been quoted in a number of publications, including TheStreet and The Globe and Mail.

The views expressed by the author in this article are the author's alone and do not represent the views of Mintel.