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Behshad Behzadi

Vice President of Engineering,

Generative Conversational AI, Google Cloud 

Behshad Behzadi, PhD, is a distinguished computer scientist with expertise in algorithms, web search ranking, natural language understanding, speech recognition, machine learning and generative AI (GenAI). He leads Google Cloud Generative Conversational AI, focusing on applying Google’s latest advancements in AI to reimagine customer experience and operations for large enterprises. 

Behzadi joined Google Zurich in 2006 and has played a key role in Google’s AI-first strategy as co-founder of the Google Assistant, Google Lens, Google Smart Display and more recently, the Next Gen Assistant, a breakthrough in mobile assistant technology with on-device Machine Learning for a lightning-fast experience. Prior to that, he led several core web search ranking teams such as Freshness, Safesearch and pioneered usage of Entities, Context, and ML in Search. 


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