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Al Kator

Al Kator founded Bandwidth Simplified in 2012 while working as a voice/data IT consultant. Al’s deep expertise with critical business communication technology and belief that businesses have unique telecom needs have allowed him to build a company that is completely customer-focused.

Bandwidth Simplified understands that running a business, no matter how big or how small, relies on IT technologies, telecommunications, security and allowing you to service your customers, support your team and grow. You know first-hand how competitive the marketplace is. Having a trusted partner to advise you on custom-tailored solutions that fit your budget and business needs in the foreseeable future is critical for your success.

Since 2012, Bandwidth Simplified has built relationships with over 100 regional and national vendors to customize specific solutions for our clients while ensuring the lowest rates possible. By leveraging partner relationships, we are able to find the perfect solution that meets our clients’ needs, without upselling unnecessary solutions.

Our mentality is simple: we strive to understand your business before recommending a solution. To achieve this, we partner you with a single point-of-contact who learns your specific needs and goals and then tailors a solution for you.