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Voximplant Gets Smart About Calling

Voximplant, a cloud communications platform provider, today announced a new version of Smartcalls, its service for creating call campaigns, with inbound support to turn Smartcalls into an “all-in-one tool” for call process automation.
Voximplant introduced Smartcalls about a year ago to allow marketers, sales associates, and other non-technical personnel to create and execute outbound call campaigns, as Voximplant CEO Alexey Aylarov told me in a recent No Jitter briefing.
Via the Smartcalls visual editor, marketers can arrange a sequence of blocks to build smart IVRs, Aylarov said. Customers can take advantage of real-time speech recognition and speech synthesis, powered by Google’s WaveNet technology, to build “human-friendly” and customizable communication scenarios, he added. For more advanced scenarios, they can tap into natural language processing services like Google Dialogflow, he said.
Smartcalls offers API integrations with third-party services, including CRM systems, and also supports SIP protocols for integration into existing enterprise telephony infrastructure for scenarios where customers need to be forwarded to live agents. Voxbone, a longtime partner, provides the cloud voice infrastructure, allowing customers immediate access from more than 65 countries upon the new version’s launch next week at Enterprise Connect. “We started using [Voxbone] services when we launched Voximplant,” Aylarov said. “When customers are getting a phone number from us, it’s from Voxbone in most cases.”
Another Voximplant offering, the Dialogflow Connector -- for integrating telephony with a machine learning-powered backend built with Google Dialogflow -- isn’t yet built into Smartcalls. That’s because Dialogflow Connector is more for developers than non-technical workers, but the company is looking to integrate the two later this year in a way that opens up more advanced capabilities for non-technical workers, Aylarov said. Today, dev-savvy enterprises can still use the two tools together with a little hands-on work.
Smartcalls will provide the speech recognition and synthesis capabilities, and with Dialogflow added into the mix, it will provide the natural language understanding to allow systems to understand more complex responses, Aylarov said. In other words, Dialogflow allows an enterprise to set up an intelligent IVR that is capable of understanding more than simple “yes” or “no” voice responses.
Voximplant’s Dialogflow Connector is one of five finalists in the Best of Enterprise Connect 2019 award program in the Best Application of AI category. We’ll be announcing all Best of Enterprise Connect Award winners on the Enterprise Connect keynote stage on Tuesday, March 19, at 9:00 a.m. ET. Join us to hear all the winners first hand.
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