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No Jitter Roll: Genesys Expands into the EX space while Webex and Voiceitt Make Video Meetings More Accessible for People with Disabilities


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Welcome to this week's No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. This week: Genesys introduces a new employee experience (EX) product, Webex and Voiceitt partner to make video meetings more accessible for people with disabilities, and Veeting introduces an AI agent into its collaboration platform.

Genesys Launches New AI-Powered Employee Experience Solution

Genesys Cloud EX is a new employee experience solution from the company known for its contact center products. The Genesys Cloud EX product, which can be deployed on a standalone basis, provides companies with workforce, quality, and performance management through a single user interface. Some specific capabilities of the product include:

  • AI-powered and automated performance-driven learning for agents
  • Workforce forecasting and scheduling tools
  • Employee dashboards with personalized, real-time feedback

Olivier Jouve, chief product officer with Genesys said that its new employee experience product "offers companies a simplified path to the cloud and tools that help them manage and empower their employees wherever they are."

Genesys Cloud EX can also be integrated with the Genesys Cloud CX suite or alongside other contact center infrastructure. Genesys and partners are offering pre-built connectors from the Genesys Engage solution, Avaya and Amazon Connect initially, with more to come.

Voiceitt and Webex Make Video Meetings More Accessible for People with Disabilities

Voiceitt provides speech recognition technology that allows non-standard speakers to communicate accurately and flexibly across face-to-face conversations, the dictation of emails and text messages, and meeting transcriptions. Via a now-available Webex integration, people with speech impairments will be able to speak and be understood during virtual meetings through captioning and transcription leveraging AI in Webex Meetings.

Michael Cash, a Voiceitt employee with cerebral palsy, is a beta tester of the Webex integration. He said, “A fully accessible Webex allows colleagues and partners to understand me without having to ask me to repeat myself, achieving a higher level of effective communication and understanding.”

Later in 2023, Voiceitt will also be embedded into the Webex platform to enhance its closed captioning capability for transcription accuracy for all Webex users with non-standard speech patterns.

Veeting Launches AI-Based Meeting Assistant to Improve Collaboration

Video conferencing provider Veeting announced its integration of an AI-based meeting assistant in its web meeting platform. When a question is asked via text during a meeting, the virtual AI assistant will answer that question and everyone in the meeting will be able to see the exchange. Any communication with the AI assistant is included in the automatically generated summary along with all other information produced during a meeting.

Aymeric Moizard, CTO of Veeting said that with its new integration, meeting participants can “purposefully benefit from AI. At the same time, we are taking into account concerns about the use of AI in the workplace."

For example, Veeting said that meeting participants always have the choice of whether to use the AI assistant. Only questions explicitly asked by participants are forwarded to OpenAI, via Veeting's servers, to protect the privacy of the meeting participants. In addition, account holders can deactivate this feature entirely.

The meeting assistant is now available at no additional cost in all Veeting products, including Veeting Blocks, its low-code solution for developers.

Enghouse Systems to Purchase Lifesize Inc.’s Assets

Enghouse Systems, which provides vertically focused enterprise software solutions to contact centers will acquire the video conferencing and collaboration company Lifesize.

Under the agreement, Enghouse will acquire substantially all the Company’s assets and brands, including Lifesize, Kaptivo, ProScheduler, Serenova, and Telstrat. According to the press release, this purchase agreement “remains subject to higher or better offers in accordance with bid procedures and deadlines, as well as Court approval.”

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