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4 Ways an Effective Digital Strategy Helps Your Customers Win

Digital transformation isn't just an IT problem. The way your company does business in the digital age has a lasting impact on your customer relationships. With the right digital strategy, you can transform customer interactions from transactions to experiences.

As outlined in "Digital Transformation for Dummies," an effective digital strategy leaves your customers:

  • Empowered with flexible communications options to use as they see fit
  • Intelligent, integrated, automated self-service options available 24/7
  • Needs satisfied through skills-based or preferred agent routing
  • Queries addressed rapidly through informed interactions that leverage all institutional knowledge

A solid digital strategy does more than simply provide your customers easier access to your agents, however. The siloed nature of customer relationship management (CRM) versus communications platforms make it very difficult for agents (sales or customer service) to access up-to-date information about a customer.

Forward-thinking digital enterprises now focus on building truly unified communications and collaboration (UCC), bringing customer context to every single interaction. This presents a major win for customers.

"The digital enterprise brings a powerful business proposition to the market. An enterprise with this capability can save time per customer-facing employee, creating enhanced satisfaction by delighting customers and generate productivity through incremental work or additional demand from the market," as noted in "Digital Transformation for Dummies."

Bringing context to every single customer interaction is also a major win for your employees. Rather than wasting time searching through a customer's CRM records across multiple platforms, the information is presented immediately, to an employee fully immersed in the conversation. UCC enables your employees to take their work where they need to be, on the road or in the office, with no loss of customer context or information in the process.

An effective digital strategy means you're thinking through how your business communicates with its customers, and finding ways to help your customer win big on the platforms that work for them. Mitel has a full portfolio of UCC solutions that can be delivered in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment for any size of business in any industry.

For more on how your business can harness the digital transformation, and for a complimentary copy of Digital Transformation for Dummies, meet with Mitel at Enterprise Connect Orlando, March 27-30. After your meeting, Mitel will give you a $25 Starbucks gift card to keep the energy flowing.