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2016 Innovation Showcase: Seeking Enterprise Mobility

The ways in which modern enterprises communicate continue to evolve at an accelerated pace. The present stack includes conferencing, instant messaging/presence, specialized applications such as collaboration and contact center suites, and telephony. All of these functional areas are experiencing rapid innovation, and the consistent theme across them is mobility.

Not long ago the term "mobile worker" was a euphemism for delivery driver. Today it can refer to nearly everyone at any level. Most of us carry a smartphone, and most of us, to varying degrees, use that smartphone for work. Mobility is such a pervasive force in how we work and communicate that it is becoming difficult to define what it means. Clearly someone on the go is mobile, but what about after he or she arrives? What about home-based workers? What about corridor warriors? What about people using mobile technologies from their desks?


Even the "mobile" device itself is becoming difficult to define. Android powers a variety of fixed devices, including desk phones and televisions. Parameters such as wireless connectivity, operating system, screen size, and performance no longer reveal distinguishable characteristics. In another example, Microsoft's Continuum feature in Windows 10 supports a mobile device as a desktop by switching its user interface when docked.

Mobility, like work itself, has little to do with location. It has been a gradual change, but how and what we do has little to do with where. The original Getting Things Done approach to organization and productivity suggested organizing to-do items with contextual tags such as @work or @home. This makes less sense today because we can do more and more of our activities from anywhere.

Smartphones are closely associated with mobility, and we cannot deny their impact on our world. However, the smartphone does not have a monopoly on mobility. Several other empowering technologies free us from our desks. These include wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, DECT, Global Positioning System, and Wi-Fi; infrastructure services including access points, session border controllers, and virtual private networks; and specialized applications that reduce our reliance on physical locations and items. Electronic expense reports, e-tickets and teleconferencing are examples in this latter category.

Each year the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect highlights new firms that are changing how enterprises work and communicate. The 2016 Innovation Showcase will focus on enterprise mobility. We are seeking cutting-edge, innovative solutions that enable and even redefine enterprise mobility. We expect a broad range of solutions, from hardware to apps... and who knows what else.

This year our goal is to feature six companies as part of the Innovation Showcase. These companies will participate in a rapid-fire highlight and demo session on Monday, March 7, and be ready for attendee questions in a special Innovation Showcase booth in the expo hall, which will be open Monday through Wednesday, March 9.

Companies interested in highlighting their solutions as part of the Enterprise Connect 2016 Innovative Showcase must apply for consideration. If you know of such a company, point it here for details on eligibility, and here for the application form. And don't miss Enterprise Connect 2016 yourself! Register now using the code NJPOST to receive $200 off the current conference price, and join us in Orlando, Fla., March 7 to 10.

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