Best Practices to Improve Efficiencies on your Network When Deploying Visual Communications

Use video calls and meetings with your customers, suppliers and partners globally with confidence.

OVCC has addressed network interoperability, reliability and security needs through its members’ compliant services. OVCC Best Practices show you how to leverage the services and equipment to help your users achieve effective business collaboration.


Effective Strategies for Upgrading to SIP Trunks

Best Practices and Lessons Learned


WebRTC in the Enterprise

Turning challenges to opportunities for enterprise use cases


Delivering Enterprise-Class Communications with WebRTC

Delivering Cost Effective Enterprise Communications Solutions via WebRTC


AudioCodes: Western Growers Case Study

A Seamless Upgrade from Legacy Avaya to Microsoft Lync, enabled by AudioCodes.


Flexibility in the Cloud

As the pace of technology continues to accelerate, business leaders need to respond quickly to meet their customer expectations for consistent and integrated multichannel support. Social and mobile channels have become the new norm for contacting a company, and companies must create a new support strategy to serve the next generation customer. However, the uncertainty of the existing business environment causes companies to defer decision-making to upgrade their current customer support operations.


Contact Center Metrics that Matter

The customer service contact center thrives on performance metrics. These metrics provide operational insight into the efficiency of the customer service process, including how effectively customer service representatives are performing their duties - as well as how well customers are being served. Many performance metrics are as old as the contact center industry itself and are still in widespread use today.


Using a Multichannel Strategy to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

As a consumer, the experience of going to a website or a local store to buy a product should not be trivial. A consumer should be able to buy a product and expect the service they need at the store, on a website, or by contacting the call center. But the reality is that many companies are failing to provide a suitable customer experience that offers these options.


January 28, 2015
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January 14, 2015
As enterprises roll out Unified Communications systems-usually in deployments in which systems such as Microsoft Lync co-exist with legacy voice systems from Avaya, Cisco, and other vendors-their bid ...
December 3, 2014
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