Webinar Executive Summary -- Cloud Contact Center Deployment Models: One Size Does Not Fit All

The different approaches to cloud contact center architectures


Unlocking the Power of Your Contact Center

Turning unstructured data into exceptional customer experience


Hosted Microsoft Skype for Business For Multinational Enterprises: Can Your Provider Deliver?

An increasing number of providers have launched hosted Skype for Business services and sell them mainly to large enterprises. However, not all providers of hosted Skype for Business services have comparable capabilities.


Videoconferencing Is Great Communications...But Where's the Collaboration?

This paper will examine the limitations of legacy room systems, and will demonstrate how migrating to a Lync Room System experience with leading-edge tools can improve the collaborative experience for room-based meetings.


The Top 10 Reasons to Consider Hosted Collaboration Solutions

Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research explains why Hosted Collaboration Solutions are ready for prime time.


Millennial Research on Customer Service

This national study looked at consumer attitudes, expectations, preferences and customer service priorities by generation. We paid special attention to the voice of Millennials, aka "Generation Y," because their views on customer experience usher in an entirely new wave of digital expectations to the marketplace.


Emergency Crash Phone Systems

How transportation and first responders are improving emergency telephone systems with VOIP.


Delivering Enterprise-Class Communications with WebRTC

Delivering Cost Effective Enterprise Communications Solutions via WebRTC


Aspect Text2IVR

As more and more calls come into contact centers from mobile devices, companies have an increased opportunity to enhance the customer experience by leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices interacting with self-service applications such as IVR. Aspect Text2IVR lets the customer enter free-form data such as name, address and other information that is hard to recognize for speech recognition systems via the convenient channel of SMS. All of this while interacting with the IVR - enabling faster and more accurate data exchange.


Omni-channel Contact Center: The Smarter Way To Engage Customers

Omni-channel interactions fill the gap between the use of multiple channels and driving customer delight through superior service. They do so by helping firms ensure the consistency and personalization of the messages they deliver to their customer via each channel. This report will highlight how omni-channel contact centers compare to their multi-channel counterparts across key performance indicators, such as customer retention rates and first contact resolution rates. It will also provide an overview of the building blocks companies put in place to deploy a successful omni-channel customer care strategy.


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