How Cloud Communications Is Opening Up Possibilities (and Floor Space)

In this whitepaper, explore cloud vs. on-premises communications use cases.


Designing the Modern Open Collaboration Workspace

Open collaboration and huddle spaces are growing in popularity as organizations encourage more collaborative cultures. Download the tech paper, "Adapting a New Way to Work: How to Design Successful Open Collaboration Spaces," to learn the must-haves of a modern open collaboration space.


Free Whitepaper: Enterprise Communications Platform-Premises vs. Cloud-based Telephony

If your organization is or has plans to upgrade its communications infrastructure, especially to a cloud-based solution, this whitepaper/eBook by independent consultant David Stein, of Technology Consulting Group, will prove to be an insightful resource.


RingCentral Named a Leader in Unified Communications by Gartner

Download this September 2015 report to find out why RingCentral is recognized as a leader in UCaaS by Gartner Group as a result of their annual research into this key market sector.


Partner Story: Virgin Media Business

Learn why Virgin Business Media recommends Jabra headsets as part of its unified communications solutions.


2015 Career & Salary Survey for Enterprise Communications

From tech skills to earning potential, this report explores the careers of enterprise communications professionals


Free eBook: Achieving Higher Availability in UC

Delivering on the Promise of UC-enabled Communications


Productivity at the Office - Challenges 2015

Read this report, which surveyed over 2,449 workers aged 18-65 across the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, Denmark, Sweden and Norway and outlines knowledge workers' collaboration and concentration challenges. For example, over one third of the workforce thinks meetings reduce productivity and almost half are interrupted by background noise.


Why Your Remote Workers Hate You (It's Not What You Think)

Unified communications has made what was once impossible -- meaningful collaboration with people who aren't in the room -- not only possible but quite promising. But there's a downside to remote collaboration that no one likes to talk about.


Why Your UC Deployment Will Fail (and 3 Ways to Save It)

Why do so many UC deployments fail? Recent data suggests that up to 80% of deployments fail to live up to expectations -- and in an age where the C-suite has identified technology as the prime mover of industry change and collaboration as a top priority, this is more than just an IT problem.


The 2 Steps That Will Propel Skype for Business Adoption and Usage

The secret of all great change initiatives is the one, small voluntary step. Getting people to move in your direction comes down to getting them to make a small move in your direction, even if the move itself is almost negligible.


5 Tips for Making Skype for Business Pay Off

Skype for Business is an increasingly popular UC solution. However, deploying Skype for Business doesn't automatically guarantee a quick return on investment. To improve your chances, take a look at these 5 tips.


3 Types of Knowledge Workers (and What Headsets They Need)

It wasn't long ago that new employees would receive a desk phone and a voicemail password when they first started. Times sure have changed. Learn about the 3 types of new knowledge workers and what headsets they need to communicate and collaborate.


5 Ways Professional Headsets Improve Your UC ROI

There's little doubt that headsets play a big role in making UC profitable. Multiple case studies have highlighted the importance of switching to headsets. Find out 5 ways high-quality headsets will improve your UC ROI.


Infographic: Headsets Going Mainstream for Knowledge Workers

With a rapidly growing install base of communication clients, the business headset market is reaching a tipping point. Couple that with substantial increases in productivity and headsets are going mainstream for knowledge workers.


Just How Big Is the UC Market?

Multiple research reports have examined the upside of the Unified Communications market recently. They vary on methodology and projections, but one thing is clear: The market is definitely growing, and fast!


Mobilizing Real Time Communications: Transformation of Business Communications

The adoption of IP underlies the intersection of real time communications between mobile and fixed carriers and today's connected enterprise.


Interior Architects Case Study

Learn how this global architecture firm increased employee productivity and satisfaction by moving to a softphone-based environment with headsets.


Cisco Case Study

Learn how Cisco overcame the challenges of an open office floorplan in its California headquarters to improve internal serve levels through higher call quality and faster issue resolution.


Overcoming the Barriers to Adoption of Unified Communication

What are the common barriers that disrupt the adoption of a Unified Communications platform? Understand the strategies you can use to overcome the barriers to end user adoption.


IHS Infonetics White Paper: Maximizing the Power of the Cloud; Integrating Communications with Business Applications

This new white paper from IHS Infonetics Research Director Diane Myers explores why the integration of business applications with voice communication has been building momentum over the past several years. Find out how customers of Salesforce.com, Office 365, Google for Work apps, and data storage or repositories such as Dropbox have increased communications touchpoints and gained greater workflow efficiencies by adding communications into their business apps.


Forrester Study: Contact Centers Must Go Digital or Die

Here's a stat from FEMA that may keep you from sleeping soundly tonight: Forty percent of businesses never reopen after a disaster. Read this white paper to learn how you can speed your recovery and ensure business continuity by using a cloud communications system. Explore how cloud communications increases your flexibility and resilience, reduce capital expenditures, and give you the ability to manage communications from any location.


Transform Your Enterprise with Skype for Business

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 11 a.m PT / 2 p.m ET
In this webinar you will learn why Skype for Business offers the best UC solution for your enterprise.


Forrester White Paper:Say Goodbye To UC; It's Time For Customer-Activated Communication And Collaboration (CCAC)

Learn about the current state of unified communications, its limitations, and how customer activation can deliver new value across the organization. Get practical guidance including 4 innovations that support customer-activated communications and collaboration, 5 ways that customer activation drives value, 4 stages of CCAC Investment and a 5-step transition blueprint.


Why the Paradigm Shift of UC is Worth the Effort

Understand the benefits of Skype for Business


Forrester Study: Total Economic Impact (TEI) of RingCentral

Read this Forrester Research study of four RingCentral customers, evaluating the financial investment and detailing three key areas where customers achieved a positive return on investment (ROI) by deploying the RingCentral cloud phone system.


Webinar Executive Summary -- Cloud Contact Center Deployment Models: One Size Does Not Fit All

The different approaches to cloud contact center architectures


Millennial Research on Customer Service

This national study looked at consumer attitudes, expectations, preferences and customer service priorities by generation. We paid special attention to the voice of Millennials, aka "Generation Y," because their views on customer experience usher in an entirely new wave of digital expectations to the marketplace.


Delivering Enterprise-Class Communications with WebRTC

Delivering Cost Effective Enterprise Communications Solutions via WebRTC


Aspect Text2IVR

As more and more calls come into contact centers from mobile devices, companies have an increased opportunity to enhance the customer experience by leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices interacting with self-service applications such as IVR. Aspect Text2IVR lets the customer enter free-form data such as name, address and other information that is hard to recognize for speech recognition systems via the convenient channel of SMS. All of this while interacting with the IVR - enabling faster and more accurate data exchange.


Omni-channel Contact Center: The Smarter Way To Engage Customers

Omni-channel interactions fill the gap between the use of multiple channels and driving customer delight through superior service. They do so by helping firms ensure the consistency and personalization of the messages they deliver to their customer via each channel. This report will highlight how omni-channel contact centers compare to their multi-channel counterparts across key performance indicators, such as customer retention rates and first contact resolution rates. It will also provide an overview of the building blocks companies put in place to deploy a successful omni-channel customer care strategy.


December 2, 2015
Video conferencing has finally taken its rightful place as a core business tool. Companies around the world are depending on video enabled meetings to empower their people, serve clients better, and c...
November 17, 2015
Managing SIP communications, including multivendor contact center systems, corporate IP telephony, and UC applications, is becoming more complex-and more time consuming. Nemertes Research projects sho...
October 28, 2015
Enterprises know that a mobile-first strategy will enable employees to work more efficiently and effectively, and be more responsive. Seventy-three percent of senior executives see their mobile device...