Beth Schultz | November 24, 2014 |
UC Right Track offering aimed at maximizing user adoption while speeding time to return on investment.

Irwin Lazar | November 24, 2014 |
The decision by the IETF's RTCWeb working group to mandate inclusion of H.264 and VP8 codecs should put an end to video interoperability woes... for now.

Beth Schultz | November 20, 2014 |
This new tool from OSIX lets two or more people view and interact on a Web site or with an application simultaneously.

Kevin Kieller | November 20, 2014 |
Lync federation can transform your business relationships -- as long as you set it up properly.

Michelle Burbick | November 19, 2014 |
In this exclusive interview with No Jitter, Cisco's collaboration chief shares his thoughts on Project Squared and other ways in which the company will continue innovating in enterprise collaboration.


The 500 Features of Dr. PBX

Eric Krapf | November 28, 2014
In the next-gen world of software-driven communications, a feature becomes an API and a platform's value is derived from its ability to integrate with lots of things.

Digital Investigation Dos & Don'ts

Gary Audin | November 26, 2014
Don't be caught off guard by the need to conduct or help out with a digital investigation, be that by collecting an employee smartphone or providing customer records.


CafeX Brews Up Real-Time Engagement App for SMBs

Beth Schultz | November 26, 2014
Cloud-based Quisbee lets smaller businesses interact with Web and mobile customers as if they had an enterprise-scale contact center behind them.

Cisco's Trollope Doing Right by Collaboration

Zeus Kerravala | November 25, 2014
Two years in, collaboration chief Rowan Trollope is seeing his vision realized in the product portfolio.


Pondering a 'Third Way' for IT & Network Management

Tom Nolle | November 25, 2014
Proposed by a BT research exec, the Third Way of Management accounts for the virtualization of today's network and IT environments.

Why Phone Calls Are the New Mobile Conversion

Richard Dumas | November 25, 2014
Using click to call, your business can unleash a new source of high-value Web and mobile leads.


Dreamforce 2014: A Contact Center Perspective

Dreamforce 2014: A Contact Center Perspective

Sheila McGee-Smith | October 21, 2014
Sheila McGee-Smith recounts the recent Dreamforce conference in San Francisco and highlights the contact center companies that participated.
Lync Handsets: Sorting Through Your Many Options

Lync Handsets: Sorting Through Your Many Options

Brian Riggs | September 08, 2014
While Microsoft can certainly point to many Lync customers that are doing away with their desk phones and opting to deploy UC client software only, Microsoft partners can just as easily point to many customers deploying physical handsets to their many Lync users.
Android Desk Phones and Android Desk Phone Apps

Android Desk Phones and Android Desk Phone Apps

Brian Riggs | January 30, 2014
Brian Riggs takes a look at some Android desk phones and apps and examines what potential value these hold for the enterprise moving forward.

Top Contact Center Stories of 2013

Top Contact Center Stories of 2013

Sheila McGee-Smith | December 30, 2013
2013 had big contact center stories from broad-based UC vendors like Avaya, Cisco and Unify, as well as from customer experience-specific companies like Aspect, Interactive Intelligence, inContact, Five9 and more.
Our Top Posts of 2013--And Where They Are Now

Our Top Posts of 2013--And Where They Are Now

Michelle Burbick | December 30, 2013
We checked in with the authors of our top-trafficked posts, and got updates on the topics directly from the authors, as well as added insight into the responses received.
Slideshow: Deskset Docks

Slideshow: Deskset Docks

Brian Riggs | May 21, 2013
A look at past and present attempts to transform smart phones and tablets into office desk phones.


December 3, 2014
Traditional SIP Trunking offerings have not evolved to keep pace with the modern expectations and requirements for the buyer. From painfully slow procurement processes, capacity limits, limited global...
November 5, 2014
With video collaboration expected to surpass email as the top means to communicate by 2016, organizational leaders are tasked with building flexible collaboration infrastructures that meet the demands...
October 22, 2014
As enterprises migrate from prior generations of communications technology into the future of Unified Communications, almost everyone has to deal with multiple vendors' systems. In the past, you would...